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Ziguzajg Festival at Palazzo de La Salle

By 24 October 2016No Comments

As part of Żigużajg Arts Festival (, the Malta Society of Arts will be hosting 2 shows at the Palazzo de La Salle.

The Estonian group Piip and Tuut will be performing their shows Piip and Tuut at Dinner and Piip and Tuut at Concert (both for ages 6+) on different dates and times during the festival.

piip-and-tuut-at-concert-photo-meeli-kuttim-_-broom piip-and-tuut-at-dinner-_-photo-toomas-kadarpik

Maltese actor and comedian Chris Dingli will be performing ‘Shakeshorts presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (for ages 9+). In Chris’s words “Shakeshorts presenteth unto you, a rendition of Shakespeare that hath been condensed in length and acted out in brevity using wit, jest and silly hats: perfect for young minds full of mischief.”


More details for all the shows can be found on our events pages.

We hope to see you a lot of you there!