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Wallace Falzon exhibition opens in a few days!

By 28 February 2022No Comments

We’re so excited for this! Artist Wallace Falzon (left) and curator Roderick Camilleri (right) hard at work setting up ‘Insights’ which opens this Thursday 3 March.

Details here:

INSIGHTS, Exhibition by Wallace Falzon, Curated by Roderick Camilleri

Dates: 3 to 23 March 2022

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 8am to 7pm
Saturdays: 9am to 1.30pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Venue: Art Galleries of the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, 219, Republic Street, Valletta

Entrance is free, subject to Covid-19 measures


Insights is a visual art exhibition by Maltese artist Wallace Falzon. This exhibition presents a recent body of work featuring the artist’s personal reflections and creative work produced during the past two years. It comprises figurative sculptures and paintings, using mixed media and reclaimed material as his main source of artistic expression. The show brings together a variety of compositions, disclosing the artist’s approach and ideas inspired by his biographical context. It probes into existential notions, teasing out aspects about life and existence.

The show will be open for the public from 3 till the 23 March 2022, and will be curated by Roderick Camilleri. It will be hosted at the Malta Society of Arts art Galleries, situated at Palazzo de La Salle, 219, Republic Street, Valletta.