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Update on works at Palazzo de La Salle

By 7 February 2017No Comments


For a few months now, we have been working intensely on upgrading the seat of the Malta Society of Arts – the magnificent 18th century Palazzo de La Salle. Works include the following:

  • The Chapel is undergoing conservation works
  • The Sala dei Cavalieri will also be undergoing conservation works soon
  • Four Halls situated on the Upper Floor are being refurbished to be used as gallery/exhibition spaces, among other things
  • Another hall is being transformed into a fully-equipped space for performances, including concerts, theatre, events and much more


These changes that are being implemented mostly to the first floor of the Palazzo include infrastructural changes – entrances and exits are being modified to accommodate the modern needs of the Malta Society of Arts, and some of the spaces will be larger, thanks to intelligent use of space.


Works will continue throughout the coming months. We are very excited to be working on such a huge but greatly satisfying project for our Society that will provide more modern and adequate spaces for the MSA’s activities and those of the growing artistic and cultural community around us.

We will keep you updated with more developments in the coming months.

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