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‘The Boats of Malta’ Talk by Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar

By 7 February 2017No Comments


Recently, FAA told you about the study about Malta’s boats by Desmond Morris, the world famous anthropologist. This week, they are going to think about the people in those boats. Fiona Vella is the author of Disappearing Malta, a book on culture, crafts and traditional ways of life. She will be joining the talk on the 9th of February, for what was already an incredible talk, to present some of the stories of fishermen from her book.

The questions about Malta’s traditional boats remain, and will be answered in the first half of the talk about the study by Desmond Morris. Did you know that the colours on Malta’s traditional boats are associated with different harbours? Or that the death of a member of a fishing family is marked on their boat?

All these facts and much more will be revealed in Professor Aquilina’s talk for Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar. This special talk comes thanks to the research of world-famous anthropologist Desmond Morris, who lived in Malta for six years in the 70s. 

This long-hidden study has finally been published after being lost for decades. Come along and enjoy learning the fascinating stories behind some of Malta’s most iconic cultural icons.

The talk will be held on Thursday 9th February at the Palazzo de la Salle with an entrance fee of 5 euros.

FAA is teaming up with Faraxa Publishing to bring this study to light. FAA and Faraxa Publishing carried out an interview on TVM to discuss the study which you can watch here.

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