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Temporary closure of Sala dei Cavalieri

By 6 February 2020No Comments

Sala Dei Cavalieri (LOW)


Our Sala dei Cavalieri, also referred to as the Grandmasters’ Hall or Knights’ Hall, situated on the first floor of Palazzo de La Salle is currently undergoing conservation works on its decorative wall surfaces. ⚠️

Due to the nature of the works underway, it is regretfully inaccessible to members of the public. Works are due to be completed by the end of 2020, after which the Sala dei Cavalieri will be open for public viewing.

The project is being fully funded by the MSA. Works are being carried out by ReCoop under the supervision of Project Manager Professor Keith Sciberras.

We will be keeping you updated about the conservation’s progress. But first, here’s a little history…

The Sala dei Cavalieri (Grandmasters’ Hall or Knights’ Hall) was added to the palazzo in 1732 by the brothers de La Salle in a space which had previously been an open terrace. Although it has been hinted that the hall was conceived as a chapel, there is no evidence of this, especially since the palazzo also boasts a unique chapel on the same floor. Rather, it was probably only intended as a prestigious secular space commemorating the de La Salle family and its connection with the Knights of the Order of St John. As the most lavish room within the palace, it was probably used for official and special events. The style of its decoration is 18th Century Baroque Manner. The Hall includes a life-size gilded sculpture of St John the Baptist and gilded busts of varied Grandmasters. The oil paintings depicting different Grandmasters are the later work of Domenico Micallef and dated 1926-29. The portrait of Enrico de La Salle is a copy of the original found in St Catherine’s Convent further up in Republic Street.