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Saxophonist Philip Attard wins the 9th edition of the Young Musicians Contest

By 5 November 2012No Comments

Philip Attard won the 2012 edition of the Young Musicians Contest organized by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce which is this year celebrating its 160th anniversary.  During the Finals, held at the Casino Maltese on October 26th, 2012, Mr Attard was declared the Overall Winner of the Contest by an expert Jury.

The evening was introduced by the President of the Society,  Judge Joseph A. Filletti who recalled how the first winner of just such a contest had been the late Maestro Carmelo Pace, one of Malta’s most appreciated musicians and composers.The contest,  sponsored by The Malta Council for Culture & the Arts and by The London College of Music, saw 10 finalist musicians competing for a prestigious music scholarship in the UK. Each musician performed his/her selected musical piece to perfection with instruments including the B flat Baritone, violin, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone. The judges included Mr Richard Lambert, Maestro Noel Beck and Maestro Antoine Frendo. Maestro Lawrence Borg was an observer representing the Society’s Council.

The Chairman of the Jury, Mr Richard Lambert announced the winners and Mrs Jessica de Battista, Vice-President of the Society, presented participation certificates to all contestants and a number of prizes to the winners of each category. Saxophonist Philip Attard,who performed ‘Scharamuche’ by Darius Milhaud, won the Mature Category and was also the overall winner of the contest. He was awarded a commemorative Trophy and a music scholarship at the University of West London, London College of Music. He was also awarded a cash prize of Euro 400. Jessica Ellul(Clarinet) and MaritaCassar(Clarinet), achieved 2nd and 3rd rankings in the Mature Category and were awarded cash prizes. Joseph Attard (Bb Baritone) won the Promising Category and received a cash prize of Euro 200. Nathan Abela (Trumpet) and Miriam Rapa (Violin) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the same category. They also received cash prizes. The evening was presented by Marika Azzopardi.