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What We Learn is What We Are

By 9 July 2014No Comments

MSA Poster 2With the Summer courses beginning this month, the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) announces several innovations to its Winter 2014/15 programme of arts courses.
The major innovation is the introduction of MATSEC certification courses in Visual Art leading to ‘O’ Level, Intermediate Level and ‘A’ Level certification. This is part of the MSA’s restructuring and is aimed at upgrading the quality of the education being provided by the MSA.
The ‘O’ Level course is delivered over 96 contact hours between October and May, spread over two four-month semesters, as with all the other MSA courses. The first semester is between October and January; the second between February and May.

Intermediate and Advanced Level courses in Fine Arts are also offered in five subject areas: Creative Processes (48 hours), History of Art (96 hours), Human Figure Nude (48 hours), Ways and Methods (30 hours), and Working from Observation (48 hours).

The Malta Society of Arts is keen to attract students interested in the Arts from an early age, according to the Society’s President, Dr Vince Briffa: “We wish to entice young people to the Arts and give them the opportunity to discover their talents and further develop them here thanks to our comprehensive programme.”

“Creativity has no age. Some very young children are able to develop a certain appetite for art and an aesthetic awareness, so it is our role as a centre of excellence in the Arts to foster them and give them the highest standard of education possible. They may be tomorrow’s talents, but if Maltese society wants to retain its relevance, it needs to seek them out and allow them to flourish,” he added.

people-in-artMore professional set-up
Come October, the MSA will open six days a week providing some 104 sessions in 50 courses each week in the mornings, afternoons and evenings at its premises, Palazzo de La Salle, in Republic Street, Valletta. There is a better structure to these courses and the rich variety on offer is combined with flexibility and quality all round.
Apart from the certification courses in Visual Arts, there are 15 non-certification course in this subject area aimed at different audiences and age groups. In addition there are no fewer than 22 courses in the Applied Arts and seven courses in the Performing Arts. All courses are taught by qualified tutors who are passionate about their subjects.

Visual Arts Courses start with two age groups in Art for Juniors (ages 4 to 6; and 7 to 10); three Art for Leisure courses – Adults, Mature Students and Painting Outdoors; two Art Sec ‘O’ Level courses, two Art Preparatory courses for ‘O’ Level; three Digital Arts courses – Basic Graphic Design, Photography and Basic Photoshop; five courses in Fine Arts – History of Art, Creative Process, Human Figure (Nude), Ways & Methods of Understanding Art, Working from Observation; Art & Culture in Malta; Basic Interior Design and Decoration; Floral Art; Manga Art; Experiencing Clay; and Wood Sculpture.

Applied Art Courses cover the Bridal Bouquet; Cake Decorating; Cottage Crafts; Crib Building; Crochet; Cross Stitch; Cut Work; Embroidery; Embroidery in Gold; Ganutell; Gilding; Hansa; Hardanger; Knitting; Lace; Make-Up for Theatre; Monastery; Parchment; Patchwork; Soft Furnishing; and Tailoring.

Performing Art Courses encapsulate Guitar (electric, acoustic and classical); Pianoforte; Violin; Theory of Music; and Voice Studies.

The MSA is accredited with the London College of Music Examinations, an international examinations board offering graded and diploma qualifications in music, drama and communication, held across a large network of exam centres worldwide, including Malta, where the MSA has been its faithful representative for the past 80 years.

For a complete list of courses, fees, days and times, and an application form visit, or call 21244339/21244400.