Mission Statement

To be a centre aiming at promoting the visual, applied, performative and literary arts, and also for promoting any industrial branch. With this aim in view the MSA provides space and education whilst it also encourages a high level of achievement in the production of artistic work.

The MSA is a non-profit organisation as explained in the Act about Voluntary Organisations (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta). Subject to the clauses of this Statute, the MSA can acquire pecuniary profit for its activities, which profit is forwarded, is accredited to, and used solely for MSA purposes, and no profit, capital, or property of the MSA is directly or indirectly disposable, for the use of promoters, members, administrators or benefactors of the MSA, or any other private interest. The MSA may buy or sell, or negotiate any objects or services which are exclusively related to its main aims.

The patrimony of the MSA may be expanded and multiplied through donations, in agreement with the MSA Committee.