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Launch of ‘Watercolour Madness’ – Kenneth Zammit Tabona

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Part of the Malta International Arts Festival, the solo exhibition ‘Watercolour Madness’ by Kenneth Zammit Tabona opened at Palazzo de La Salle on Saturday 30 June.

Renowned Maltese artist and illustrator Kenneth Zammit Tabona is exhibiting over 60 watercolour paintings in what is his first solo exhibition since 2011. These last seven years, were, however, no hiatus for the artist as he has participated in several collective exhibitions and has incessantly produced paintings that continue to be in great demand by locals and foreigners alike.

Kenneth Zammit Tabona Launch (7)

Zammit Tabona’s exhibition will showcase new compositions of the “fuoridentro” room-with-a-view type, as well as his musings on the landscape. “Fuoridentro” was a term aptly coined by the late Professor Fr. Peter Serracino Inglott, and which Kenneth has unwaveringly continued to develop over the years. These paintings feature interiors full of all things beautiful, items that the artist has close to his heart: lavish textiles, exotic motifs, chinoiserie, Maltese silver, and the like.

Kenneth Zammit Tabona Launch (5)

Kenneth Zammit Tabona Launch (4) All of the rooms that feature in the “fuoridentros” are also dotted with several still life motifs over which the eye can wander. These include fresh fruit, flowers and vases, birds, fountains, furniture, obelisks, lamps – elements that have become ubiquitous with Kenneth Zammit Tabona over the years, as are the chequered tiles.

The “fuoridentros” themselves each incorporate landscape scenes through the open windows or balcony doors, often open sea views, but also country and village views with churches, or landscape paintings hanging on the walls, as well as portraits and Modern Art. A lover of fine things, this passion is exuded into many of these paintings. However, some more humble interiors also feature, as do nocturnal scenes.

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The human form is curiously absent from most of these works, but the lone figure does occasionally feature; at the poolside, in a hot air balloon, on a hanging portrait, or framed through the neighbours’ window.Each painting is delectable, and all of them are imaginative, painterly and calligraphic, and particular in style, technique and execution.

Kenneth is the Artistic Director of the Manoel Theatre. He is also Artistic Director of the Valletta International Baroque Festival, chairman of the Valletta and Floriana Rehabilitation Project, and the President and Founder of the Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

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Kenneth Zammit Tabona Launch (14) Kenneth Zammit Tabona Launch (21)

This exhibition will be bringing together a significant collection of works which were painted over a number of years by this seasoned artist whose works are much loved by the public.

“Watercolour Madness” is being held with the generous support of Arts Council Malta, and is being organised as part of the Malta International Arts Festivaland Valletta 2018.

 Watercolour Madness by Kenneth Zammit Tabona will run between 30 June and 14 July 2018 at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta. Entrance is free. For more information visit or