Ziguzajg – Piip and Tuut at Concert at 10:30am

Date(s) - 16 Nov 2016


Piip and Tuut at Concert (Ages 6+)

Piip and Tuut Theatre
Form: Clowning
Language: Non-verbal
Venue: Palazzo De La Salle
Duration: 50 minutes

Performance schedule:
Monday 14th November 2016: 10:30, 17:30
Wednesday 16th November 2016: 10:30, 17:30


Two clowns go to a concert hall for a fun-filled night of slapstick, songs, and acrobatic mischief.

Piip and Tuut are two janitors who tidy the concert hall after each performance. One day, they decide they want to see a cultural event for themselves. Finding free seats in the audience after a little mess, they are surprised to realise that they’ve left their supplies on the stage — but the show is about to start!

This clown-duo appears in the lights and puts up a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And the laughter is contagious!