Touch Me – Exhibition by Maria Borg

Date(s) - 03 Jun 2021 - 24 Jun 2021


Exhibition by Maria Borg

Dates: 3 to 24 June 2021

Venue: Art Galleries, Palazzo de La Salle, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta


Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 08.00hrs – 19.00hrs
Saturday 09.00hrs – 13.30hrs
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Entrance is free
Subject to Covid-19 measures

‘Touch Me’ is an exhibition of paintings by Maria Borg, curated by Michael Fenech.

This exhibition is a story, or many stories, left unfinished. The idea of absence through presence is an important running theme in the work. The paintings are full of humanity and emotion, despite not having a human in them. They are traces, unfinished chapters… words or sentences out of an essay.

The series of paintings that make up ‘Touch Me’ explore a style and subject withwhich the artist has been grappling in the recent past. Borg takes this explorationfurther by delving deepinto the textures of the objects painted, painting stories in thefolds of bedsheets.

A running theme is a repeated ‘visual clue’ of bedsheets and strands of fabricwhich remind one of bedding. Bedsheets connote a lot of things – intimacy, rest, andcomfort. But laying on a bed can also signify the time when the brain can wander;sleeplessness, overthinking and anxieties.

The phrases and words painted are personal and heart-felt but also reflect universal feelings such as longing and loss. Through their mundanity, the domestic scenes in the paintings become universal, thus able to reach out and connect.



Maria Borg (b. 1993) is a Maltese visual artist working primarily in figurative oil paintings. In her methodology, she prioritises the studio practice – the act of exploration through which one fails, succeeds, and learns.

For her, being a painter means spending long periods of time indoors, looking at things through an obsessive, almost surgical lens. Borg applies this obsession with texture and form onto domestic, often mundane objects. Her work encourages people to look at these objects with a painterly eye; the shape and its irregularity, the texture, and the invitation to touch.

Maria lives and works in Malta, dividing her time between teaching art and her studio practice. Borg graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art in 2014. She has taken part in local collective exhibitions and has attended a residency in Newburgh, Scotland. Her first solo exhibition ‘homebody’ has taken place at MUŻA – The Malta National Community Art Museum – in January 2021.