The Summing Up – Retrospective Exhibition by Richard Saliba

Date(s) - 25 Sep 2020 - 15 Oct 2020

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A retrospective exhibition of works from 1975 to 2020

By Richard Saliba

Dates: 25 September  – 15 October 2020

Venue: Art Galleries, Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs
Saturday 10.00hrs – 13.00hrs

Entrance is free

The exhibition being held at the Malta Society of Arts is a representative selection of works executed by artist Richard Saliba from 1975, the year when he first exhibited his work at the National Museum of Fine Arts, up to this date, culminating in the present retrospective exhibition.

As regards Safety Measures, the following will apply:

  1.        Visitors will be obliged to wear a mask inside the premises
  2.        MSA personnel will check visitors’ temperatures before being allowed to proceed into the Palazzo
  3.        The personnel will be advising visitors to use hand sanitizers upon arrival
  4.        Personnel at the front desk will take visitors’ contact details
  5.        No gatherings will be allowed inside the building
  6.        Visitors will be obliged to respect the social distancing instructions.

We thank everyone for their cooperation!

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Artist Richard Saliba


Richard Saliba was born in 1943 and attended the Government School of Art in the early 1960s, followed by other studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Perugia and the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Urbino.

Over a span of 45 years, the artist’s work has developed from a clear traditional and academic style into one that was representative of the styles emerging in Europe and the American continent.

Although the artist’s oeuvre has manifestly been one in favour of the interpretation of the landscape, the artist has also been one of the country’s foremost artists in the production of the art of etching and aquatint.

A particular period of the artist’s career had been devoted particularly to the development of abstract art, and an exhibition of work executed during this period was the subject of a major one-man exhibition held at St James Cavalier, Valletta in 2006.

During the course of the past twenty years the artist has continued to develop his interpretation and depiction of the Maltese landscape as well as to investigate the possibilities related to the art of portraiture and of the human figure.

The artist’s work may also accessed through the website: