Ta’ Magenbna Purcinelli – Notte Bianca 2018 event

Date(s) - 06 Oct 2018

Ta' Magenbna Purcinelli

Ta’ Maġenbna Purċinelli

Notte Bianca 2018 event at Palazzo de La Salle Courtyard

Hosted by Festivals Malta and Notte Bianca Valletta

Date: Saturday, 6 October 2018

Time: 7:15pm, 7:45pm, 8:15pm, 8:45pm 

Venue: Palazzo De La Salle, Valletta

On two adjacent balconies live two absurd families; the Blue Clowns and the Red Clowns. They squabble about everything and anything, from politics to football to every other little detail under the harsh Maltese sun. Each couple thinks that “we are better than you”. An uncomplicated parody of typical Maltese rivalries that culminates in a fierce battle which sees the couples losing their identities and hilariously ending up not even understanding who “we” actually are.

Notte Bianca website: http://lejlimdawwal.org/event/ta-magenbna-purcinelli/