Pittoresque – an exhibition by Valentina Contavalle

Date(s) - 04 Aug 2016 - 03 Sep 2016

“PITTORESQUE” – A photographic exhibition by Valentina Contavalle

Valentina Contavalle Exhibition


Pittoresque is a photographic project developed following two different paths: the first one is inspired by Caravaggio’s works, the second one, more ethereal and nuanced, carries the photos in a suggestive and fascinating setting.

The subject makes the shots melancholic and grotesque, half way between the histrionic and the tragic. A sort of “magnificent”baroque mask.

Valentina Contavalle is a photographer artist born in Turin. However, she has lived most of her life  in the warm and sunny island of  Sicily.

Valentina’s works are  a multifaceted world of colors
and styles: from still life, to theatre photography; from reportage
(focusing on the “invisible”, an urban landscape at the edge
of the city) , to artistic-conceptual photography
(particularly inspired  by  studies of  Caravaggio’s light  and shadows).

Valentina is now based in Malta and she’s currently working on a new reportage about the islanders’ customs.

The exhibition taking place at the Courtyard of the Palazzo de La Salle will open on the 4 August and remain open until the 3 September. Entrance is free.

For more info, please visit: www.contavallephoto.com