Date(s) - 22 Apr 2012 - 12 May 2012
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 7.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to Noon

Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture

The Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 160th Anniversary programme for 2012 presents a completely new feature. The Council of the Society invited artists who have not yet held a personal exhibition of their work to participate in a competition to choose from among them, five prospective exhibitors. Since, during judging, the level reached among 35 entries was considered relatively high, it was decided to give a chance to the first nine, hence the title:Novonoveart.

‘Novonoveart’ was inaugurated by Mr. Chris Borg Vice President Corporate Services of Middlesea Insurance plc on Thursday 19th April 2012 at 19.30hrs. The exhibition is open to the public between Friday 20th April and Saturday 12th May 2012. The exhibition presents 90 works by nine artists, 8 painters and two sculptors and the end result is highly professional. The works are in various media including ceramics and papier mâché. The artists are: Egeo Baldacchino, Benny Brimmer, Adrienne Cassar, Sue Flask, Alfie Gatt, Ethelbert Perini, Joseph Martin Risiott, Valerio Schembri and Anthony Weitz. The exhibition catalogue illustrates all the works with portraits of the artists working in their studio in 80 full colour pages complete with index bio data and artistic evaluation.

The chosen participants hail from all walks of life. Art for them is not their bread and butter but a vital necessity, something that keeps them alive, the air they breathe.  These circumstances do not diminish the difficulties or problems that result from a full-time job combined with the urge to create. Stress and tension are mitigated knowing that art is not the only means to survive but the pressure of work from a full-time job allows little spare time to experiment and research to create a work of art. The real advantage is that the artist need not contemplate the commercial aspect. On the other hand just producing a work for personal satisfaction alone limits the primary scope of art: communication with the wider world.

Organizing the event has already achieved results. It has served to throw light on actual difficulties in attending a life class from the model, of designing an art studio with all that requires, of putting up a personal exhibition and of finding the right time and space to create in a situation that involves various responsibilities, including family.  Most rewarding and satisfying was trying to capture through photography the artists’ enthusiasm for their particular expression and it was quite an experience for both of us, curator and photographer sharing in their excitement and artistic endeavours. All in all it was a sharing of passions which will surely enrich all of us involved in this project.

Th cultural and artistic event is sponsored by Middlesea Insurance plc, Valletta Fund Management, Cavalieri Hoitel and Vee Gee Bee.