NOTTE BIANCA at Palazzo de La Salle – An Expression of Art

Date(s) - 03 Oct 2015

Notte BiancaPalazzo de La Salle will be open for the public between 19:00hrs and 23:30hrs on the Saturday 3rd October 2015 during this year’s edition of the Notte Bianca.

A number of events will be organised during the evening.

19:00hrs – 23:30hrs – Artists at work: Members of the MSA, Alexander Telin, Benny Brimmer, Marie Doreau, Joseph Spiteri Stains, Audrey Falzon and Joanne Azzopardi will be working in their preferred medium, answering visitor’s questions over a glass of wine. Calligrapher Catherine Ann Sinclair Galea will be giving a demonstration.
19:00hrs – 23:00hrs – MSA’s Members’ Annual Art Exhibition: 65 artists, members of the MSA, will be exhibiting their work.
19:00hrs – 21:15hrs – The Big Bossa
22:15hrs – 24:00hrs
The Big Bossa Trio, composed of sax, guitar and double bass will be performing bossnova, jazz standards, blues and evergreens during the evening inside/outside Palazzo de La Salle.
20:30hrs – Talk: Marika Azzopardi will be conducting a Talk on the 19th Century Maltese Filigree Jewellery. 
19:00hrs – 23:30hrs – Traditional Crafts Exhibition / Demonstration: Kevin Attard and Carmen Ellul, tutors of the MSA in Filigree and Malta Lace, will be giving a demonstration and exhibiting their work.
21:00hrs – Piano Recital: Elaine Mercieca will be performing in a solo piano recital at the Paul Asciak Hall.|
Entrance is free of charge.