Human Matter – A Collective Art Exhibition

Date(s) - 30 Oct 2017 - 11 Nov 2017

Human Matter Poster-01


Human Matter is a collective exhibition by established and emerging Maltese artists focusing on aspects of human existence. It seeks to explore facets and salient characteristics of ‘the Anthropocene’. The general focus emphasises existential aspects related to the human being and/or its surroundings. Artists will express their reflections and interpretations through the use of various media such as painting, sculpture, installation and video art. This varied spectrum of works and creative milieu of contemporary artistic research will also feature up and coming artists from the University of Malta. The exhibition will be inaugurating the newly refurbished Upper Galleries at Palazzo de la Salle.


Victor Agius
Caesar Attard
John Paul Azzopardi
Aaron Bezzina
Vince Briffa
Elisa Von Brockdorff
Kane Cali
Sabrina Calleja Jackson
Giola Cassar
Justin Falzon
Alexandra Pace
Paul Scerri
Joe Smith
Ritty Tacsum
Jesmond Vassallo
Raphael Vella
Robert Zahra
University of Malta – Department of Digital Arts & Faculty for the Built Environment


Joe Philippe Abela
Roderick Camilleri
Elyse Tonna