ħaġraisland exhibition

Date(s) - 09 Mar 2018 - 29 Mar 2018

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Official Opening: Thursday 9 March 2018

Dates: Friday 10 March – Thursday 29 March

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30-19:00, Saturdays from 8:30-13:30

Free entrance.

ħaġraisland is a collection of reflections about the changing aesthetics of Malta.

Through the use of construction material, appropriation and rubbing techniques, the show revolves around three main references: Austin Camilleri’s installation Stones from 1999, as a Maltese contemporary art canon, Anselm Kiefer’s ideas about art as alchemy and Malta’s changing urbanity.

Appropriating the golden stone from Camilleri as alchemical sediment of Maltese-ness both aesthetically and perceptually, allowed for this epitomic object to be re-located within different contexts. This not only creates an effective dialogue with the past, but also explores the role of this object as symbol, what it stands for and how it has changed since.

The use of the fortification as subject matter is a body constructed of Maltese limestone brick—a conglomerate of history, identity, functionalities and economy.  It is in itself obsolete architecture, whose function had to be re-invented to fit within the new. At the same time the fortress reminisces the island it is built on—insular, spatially limited and defined by what is outside as much as what is within.