Danilo Arata Photographic Exhibition

Date(s) - 04 Jan 2017 - 04 Feb 2017

“A world of human shadows” – A photographic exhibition

Danilo Arata Photographic Exhibition Between the 4 January and 4 February 2016, Italian pilot and photographer Danilo Arata will present “A world of human shadows” at the MSA’s courtyard.

This exhibition represents a significant milestone for Danilo’s photographic career. A pilot by trade, he spent the last 10 years flying a business jet around the world, collecting thousands of photos, trying to frame intimate and everyday moments of people belonging to their land.

Danilo believes that every human is a shadow, leaving a print of colours during his/her passage on this Earth. His aim is to “Pass a message by painting with light”, transferring to the viewer a small fragment of the emotions he feels flying and wandering around the world. As Danilo says: “Enjoy your flight!”

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From Monday to Friday the exhibition’s opening hours are from 8am-7pm. Saturdays you can see Danilo’s works from 9am-1pm. Entrance is free of charge.