A musico-literary evening at the Palazzo – by Ruth Sammut Casingena

Date(s) - 10 Mar 2018

Musico-Literary Evening RSC Studio

Event: A musico-literary evening at the Palazzo – Produced and directed by Ruth Sammut Casingena

Date: Saturday 10 March 2018 at 7pm

Venue: Concert Hall, Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta

Short description: Ruth Sammut Casingena, together with a team of talented and versatile performers from her studio, are joining forces to entertain you with a variety of the most heartwarming gems in the musical and literary genres. The evening, enhanced with the presence of special guest artists, offers you the exciting experience of a medley of themes, styles and food for thought!

This honours the purpose of working hand in hand, whilst evolving as individuals, paving the way for self expression, recognition and identity, integrating humanity and the arts. We are here to serve.