9th Young Musicians Contest 2012

Date(s) - 26 Oct 2012

The Finals of the Young Musicians Contest will be held at the Casino Maltese on the 26th October, 2012 at 6.30pm. On the day there will be 10 finalists contesting the prize, 5 from the Mature Category and 5 from the Promising Category.

The winner for the Mature Category will receive 400 Euros, 2nd placed 200 Euros and 3rd 100 Euros. The winner for the Promising Category will receive 200 Euros, 100 Euros for the 2nd placed and 50 Euros for the 3rd placed. The Overall Winner of the Contest will be presented with a trophy to be kept for two years and will benefit from a fortnight scholarship at the University of West London, London College of Music. Should the Winner choose to take up the scholarship in London, he/she will be given an allowance of 1000 Euros to cover the expenses for flights, land travel and accommodation incurres during the stay in London.

Entrance tickets (free of charge) can be obtained from the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce upon request