Violin / Theory of Music

Short Desc: Starting 02 July 2022
Ref Code: PSM09
Tutor: Colin Buhagiar, Eric Bugeja
No of Hours: 9 sessions of 1.25 contact hrs weekly
Level: Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 90

PSM09 – Saturday: 08.30pm – 12.15pm –  Starting 02 July 2022 – Eric Bugeja

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Synopsis of course:
The course aims at introducing students to basic and elementary aspects of playing the violin. It provides practical session on posture and holding of violin and bow, open strings, slurred notes, ¾ time rhythmic drills, staccato notes, the forth finger and other techniques. The course is designed to have a limited number of students, having one-to-one sessions to offer better interaction with the instructor and a deeper understanding of the instrument.

Aims & Objectives:
Acquire elementary technical and musical awareness
Understand and play basic notations
Maintain tempo and rhythm
Establish good posture and finger technique

Theory of Music

Synopsis of course:
The student will learn the rudiments of music including introduction, duration of sounds, pitch of sounds, rests, simple and compound time and grouping of notes and rests, accidentals, scales including major, minor, chromatic and pentatonic (major and minor), intervals (simple and compound), modes, transportation, the C clef, short and open score and abbreviations, Italian terms and ornaments.
At a more advanced level, students will learn Harmony in 4 parts (SATB) diatonic and chromatic harmony, two part counterpoint, form in music, history of music, instruments of the orchestra.