Summer | Visual Art

Human Figure - Nude

Ref Code

VSE 33


MSA, Palazzo de La Salle


22.5 Hours

Start Date


Day & Time

Mondays 17:00 - 19:30

Course Fees

€ 202





Human Figure – Nude

Tutor: Daniela Guevska

This study unit is an advanced course which offers students the opportunity to understand and study the human figure. It provides skills and practical techniques to improve and develop various artistic proficiencies and learn how to produce creative drawing and paintings from life observation; It will also enable students to experience a variety of media.

The course builds on basic formal procedures and introduces experimentation and innovative approaches in order to enrich and develop original designs and paintings which will contribute towards a successful portfolio, visual journal and thematic themes related to the study of the human figure. This course forms part of the Intermediate/Advanced MATSEC syllabus.