Gold Embroidery

Short Desc: not to be held in 2022
Ref Code: AWE30
Tutor: Maria Dolores Cachia
No of Hours: 42.30hrs
Progression: Yes
Fee: Euro 74

AWE30: Friday: 16.30 – 19.00 – Maria Dolores Cachia – (Not to be held in 2022)

Download: Application Form

Synopsis of course:
The course is designed to provide the basic introductory tuition for students and learners who are interested in the craft of Gold Embroidery. It provides supervised hands-on sessions and exercises in order to give the students the opportunity to have a better understanding of the craft and produce their own embroidered items.

Aims & Objectives:
Obtain basic knowledge of the materials, tools and equipment used
Create set of samplers and embroidered items in gold thread
Develop skills in hand-made techniques such as picture pattern design and blending of coloured with embroidered threads.