Fine Arts: Human Figure Nude

Short Desc: Starting Date : 8 Feb 2022 - Fully Booked
Ref Code: VWE09
Tutor: Jesmond Vassallo
No of Hours: 36hrs
Level: MATSEC Intermediate / Advanced
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 200

VWE09 – Tuesday: 17.00 – 20.00 : Starting Date, 8 Feb 2022 – (Fully Booked)

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Synopsis of Course:
This study unit is an advanced course which offers students the opportunity to understand and study the human figure. It provides skills and practical techniques to improve and develop various artistic proficiencies and learn how to create creative drawing and paintings from life observation; It will also enable students to explore a variety of media while producing their expression and interpretation of figure/portrait drawing/painting. The course builds on basic formal procedures and introduces experimentation and innovative approaches in order to enrich and develop creative designs and paintings to produce successful portfolio, visual journal and thematic themes related to the study of the human figure. This course forms part of the Intermediate/Advanced MATSEC Syllabus.

Aims & Objectives:
Improve technical skills to analyse and observe form and structure
Acquire technical proficiency in visual analysis and expression
Improve technical abilities to review, evaluate and refine art work as it progresses
Understand the human structure and proportion
Explore a range of media for working in 2D or 3D
Develop abilities to realise ideas and intentions creatively
Develop abilities to investigate visual resources to understand various issues and aspects related to the life drawing and painting
Create thematic work and a portfolio