Character Design & Fantasy Art (13 years +)

Short Desc: Starting 9 July 2021
Ref Code: VSE23
Tutor: Joseph Bugeja
No of Hours: 22.50hrs
Level: Basic
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 75

VSE23- Friday 3.00pm – 5.30pm – Starting 9 July 2021

Download: Application Form

Synopsis of Course:
This course is aimed for all those who would like to further their drawing studies and go into fantasy art. Every lecture will take the participants into a journey which will not only sharpen their drawing skills but is intended to broaden and use their imagination. In today’s world and with all the technological advances, drawing and painting nowadays offer many new job opportunities, such as in gaming and illustration,  that can make your art, your profession. The course is part of a two course series, The Introduction and Intermediate.

Aims and Objectives:
Improve your drawing and observation skills
Develop your imagination
Learn the history of this kind of art and why nowadays it is of utmost importance
Open new horizons in your artistic path and career
Explore how fantasy art can present to you new job opportunities
Get to know about artists that work in this field
Be more creative and contemporary
Learn about various drawing mediums and how they can be applied
Your fantasy and imagination is your only limit