Experimental Multi Media Plein Air Painting Session

Short Desc: Starting Date : 12 Feb 2022
Ref Code: VWE14
Tutor: Lawrence Pavia
No of Hours: 36hrs
Level: Basic
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 86

VWE14 – Saturday 13.00-16.00 – Starting date : 12 Feb 2022

Download: Application Form

Synopsis, aims and objectives

The aim of these sessions is to create and generate interaction amongst budding or seasoned artists of different capabilities during outdoor painting sessions.

The intention of these sessions will be to foster greater artistic freedom, thinking and experimentation whilst using different media to express themselves.  The use of different techniques is intended to instil in the participants a sense of comfort in their creative process and to break away from the conventions.  It will allow seasoned artists to experiment in different methods and veer away from their usual style.  Whilst budding artists will use the experience to develop their own artistic character and evolve their own style.

Whilst these experiences and experimentations will be encouraged, every participant will still be at liberty to enjoy their own plein air painting sessions within the group as they like.


Location & Sessions

Sessions are intended to be held in three different environments consisting of the rural, the built village and an industrial zone in the Southern part of Malta.

Participants will be encouraged to continue the experiments in between the sessions and to share their experiences with the group.

Typical sessions will include sketching on site, quick sketches from memory, mono-colour painting, cut-outs and collages, deformed or deconstructed painting, and the use of different media.