Drama for Fun (10-15 years)

Short Desc: Emanuel Cassar
Ref Code: PSM06
Tutor: Starting 05 July 2022
No of Hours: 18
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 70

PSM06 – Tuesday 9.00am – 11.00am  –  Starting 05 July 2022 – Emanuel Cassar

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Synopsis of Course:
Students will be inspired and encouraged to stimulate and explore their imagination to explode in playful high-energy drama workshops. Discover how to get their voice and body working movement. Introducing improvisation and characterisation skills. Students will create adventurous characters and exciting scenes in different drama exercises in forms of entertaining theatre. At the end of course students will perform end of course production in front of their friends and family.

Children are invited to bring energy and enthusiasm into the imaginative world of theatre to create and let the fun begin!

Aims and Objectives:
To introduce drama skills and to be more creative and dynamic.
To give students more self confidence in front of  an audience.
To work with each other as a team.
To stimulate children’s imagination through drama   according to their individual ability.