Double Bass

Short Desc: Starting Date : 07 Feb 2022
Ref Code: PWE16
Tutor: Gjorgi Cincievski
No of Hours: 9 hrs
Level: Basic
Progression: Yes
Fee: € 90

PWE16 – Monday – 15.00- 18.45 : Starting Date, 07 Feb 2022

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Synopsis of Course:

The course aims at introducing students to basic and elementary aspects of playing the Double bass, as well as widening the technical capabilities to students that already play the instrument.
It provides practical session both for complete beginners as well as advanced students.
Beginners will be introduced to the elementary techniques of playing the double bass, both pizzicato and with the bow, as well as explaining the relation between the theory and practise, by teaching the students to read music etc. Advanced students will be encouraged to enrich their performance skills both in classical and jazz playing.
The course is designed having one-to-one sessions to offer better interaction with the instructor, however beginners will be accepted and encouraged to join into a group session.

Aims & Objectives:


Acquire elementary technical and musical awareness
Understand to read and play basic music notations in bass clef
Maintain steady tempo and rhythm


Widening the existing technical capabilities of the student
Enrich existing solo repertoire
Work on Orchestral excerpts and Orchestral literature
Jazz Double bass

Note: Individual courses are available for Grades 6 to 8 / Diploma