Clay Modelling

Short Desc: Course will not be held in Summer 2021
Ref Code: VSM15 / VSM16
Tutor: Nadya Ann Mangion
No of Hours: 20
Progression: Yes
Fee: 65 Euro

VSM15 – Tuesday: 8:30am -11:00am – Course will not be held in Summer 2021
VSM16 – Wednesday: 8:30am -11:00am – Course will not be held in Summer 2021

Download: Application Form

Synopsis of Course:
The Course is designed to introduce students to the art of clay modelling. It provides basic formative training to develop skills and techniques in order to understand and appreciate clay medium of expression. The course offers hands on exercises to assist students to create their own artefacts.

Aims and Objectives:
Aesthetic awarness and Sensibility of 3D work
Understand the medium and materials used
Acquire basic skill in modelling
Learn to work and produce 3D artefacts