Art: Preparatory course for 'O' level (11 years and over)

Short Desc: Starting 04/06/09 Oct 2021
Ref Code: VWE33/VWE19/VWM34/VWM10
Tutor: Matthew Cassar/Isaac Warrington/Kamy Aquilina
No of Hours: 30 hrs
Progression: Yes
Fee: Euro 86

VWE33 – Monday – 17.00-19.30 – Matthew Cassar-(Starting date 04/10/2021)
VWE11 – Tuesday – 17.00-19.30 – Matthew Cassar- Not to be held in 2021
VWE19-Wednesday 17.00-19.30 – Isaac Warrington-(Starting Date 06/10/2021)
VWM34-Saturday 8.30-11.00 – Kamy Aquilina-(Starting Date 09/10/2021)
VWM10 – Saturday – 11.00-13.30 – Isaac Warrington – (Starting Date 09/10/2021)

Download: Application Form

The course is designed for students who intend to further their studies in visual arts. It is a foundation course, aimed at developing elementary skills, providing students with necessary competences to continue their formal education in art. It will offer hands-on practice and formal training to strengthen visual and artistic sensibility. It will also provide practical sessions on various techniques and media. This course will give an excellent preparatory grounding for students who intend to continue their studies to an o-level standard.

Learning outcomes:
Develop artistic sensibilities
Understand basic visual and creative elements
Develop skills in drawing and painting
Learn basic techniques in various media