Summer | Visual Art

Art for Juniors

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VSM 25


MSA, Palazzo de La Salle


22.5 Hours

Start Date


Day & Time

Mondays 08:30 - 11:00

Course Fees

€ 82





Art for Juniors

Tutor: Yasmin Cassar

The course is created for kids 7- 10 years old, who are interested to explore 2D and 3D in visual arts.
It is an introductory course, aimed to establish basic and elementary skills in drawing landscape, transparent drawing, monotype, floral prints, still life, and illustration, by using various media such as pencil, colored pencils, crayons, dry pastels, and paints.

Some of the lessons will include 3D work with cardboard, kid paper, and glue and will introduce the students to the diorama by using a creative story. The course will provide students with the necessary competence and formal training and introduce them to 2D and 3D basic visual and artistic competence.

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