Deadline! LCM Winter 2017 Practical exam


Re: LCM Winter 2017 Practical exam

Please note that the closing date for the upcoming LCM Winter Practical exam to be
held in October 2017, is this Friday, the 25th August 2017.

Applications can be made directly at our offices between 7.30am and 12pm (noon) or
sent by post with a cheque addressed to ‘The Malta Society of Arts’.

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Launch of Winter Courses!

The long list of arts courses starting this October here at the Malta Society of Arts has been extended further with lessons in Flute and Events Management

20170708 - MSA Winter Courses 2017-2018_A4 Poster v2 OUT Online

With around 40 different courses being offered by the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) across the areas of visual, applied and performing arts, anyone who would like to further their art-related skills will be spoilt for choice. Applications are now open for all the courses starting at the beginning of October, and they can be collected and submitted at MSA’s seat, the Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta.

Founded in 1852, the Malta Society of Arts is Malta’s oldest arts organisation, and for a long time it was the only one that helped artists by providing financial support and creating a community where they could meet and exchange ideas. Today, it still strives to be a hub for artistic activity and its role will be strengthened as the renovations at the Palazzo de La Salle are finalised in the coming months and the upstairs spaces start to be populated by performances, exhibitions, concerts and other artistic events.

The winter courses falling under the visual arts umbrella will include History of Art, Art for Juniors (varying ages), Preparation for Art O’Level, Art for Adults, Art for Mature Students, Clay Modelling, Nude Human Figure Art, Wood Sculpture, Art Workshops and Photography, which this year will also include a photo editing unit.

The vast applied arts section will offer lessons in Crochet, Lace Making, Cottage Crafts, Crib Building, Cake Decorating, Dress Making, Tailoring, Embroidery, Gilding, Knitting, Monastery Work, Soft Furnishings and Ganutell, among others. Students in the performing arts courses can choose to learn the guitar, piano, violin, voice and the flute, which is a brand new addition to the list of instruments being taught at MSA.

A new course in ‘Events organisation’ will introduce participants to the practical skills required to successfully plan, implement, and manage events. With the recent increase in Malta’s cultural output, this newly-added training will be welcomed by many who would like to see more efficiently-run events.

This year, MSA is introducing two new offers in line with its mission to encourage and promote arts education. Members of the Malta Society of Arts will benefit from a 50% discount on visual and applied arts courses (except the Nude Art course). This same 50% discount will also be offered to current students who bring in a new student to the MSA on one of the applied arts courses.

For more information about the Malta Society of Arts and its courses, please visit the page:


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Update on works at MSA!

The exhibition boards on which artworks will be placed have been finished and they’re waiting to be hung on the walls of the exhibition halls. The wooden skirting has also been installed and will be finished soon. Have a look at how our upstairs space is constantly changing.

Exhibition boards + skirting (2) Exhibition boards + skirting (4) Exhibition boards + skirting (5) Exhibition boards + skirting (12)Exhibition boards + skirting (3) Exhibition boards + skirting (9)

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‘Applied Nostalgia’ Exhibition

Our stunning photographic exhibition ‘Applied Nostalgia’, which is part of Malta’s EU Presidency’s programme, is on in our Courtyard until Monday 3 July (except Thursday 29 June which is a holiday) between 8am-7pm. Photos are by two very talented artists – Maltese photographer Mark Pace and Serbian photographer Aleksandar M. Knezevic

 Here’s a little taste of the exhibition below. Hurry up and pay us a visit! 

IMG_0574 IMG_0577 IMG_0587

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Summer courses starting soon!

Courses - Summer 2017


Our summer courses are starting soon! But you’re still in time to apply. Have a look at the timetable above to see what tickles your fancy and call us now on 21244400 for more info. See you at the Palazzo de La Salle! 

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Summer Opening Hours

Happy Summer!

From this Friday 16 June until 30 September, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the summer, so MSA will be open from 8.30am till 12.30pm. May you all enjoy the sun, sea and sand!

Sea Ocean Sand Beach Vacation Coast Chill Bare Concept

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Tnemmis fil-Palazz – Art exhibition at the Malta Society of Arts

Dates:             7 – 31 July 2017
Place:             Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, 219, Republic Street, Valletta
Admission: Free

20170503 - MSA Students Exhibition Event Poster A3 v5 Final OUT RGB72 Online

Tnemmis fil-Palazz

“Tnemmis fil-Palazz” is a visual arts project about the 16th century Palazzo de La Salle, the seat of the Malta Society of Arts. The idea of setting up this exhibition originated from artists who regularly attend art workshops at the MSA.  The Malta Society of Arts provided the artists the opportunity to focus on the project.

The participating artists attended a series of drawing workshops at the MSA.  The participants chose various angles and features of the building to prepare their drawings, using their artistic styles and imagination with a diversity of media.  These artistic works are now being exhibited.

This group of Maltese artists considered that this beautiful palace deserved exposure through art since all of them studied painting within the walls of Palazzo de La Salle.  The palace has some very intriguing features and character, and a very interesting history.

This exhibition is depicting the different aspects and characteristics of the building which has become to be known as Palazzo de La Salle, when it was bought from Comm. Fra Geronimo Basadonne by the Prior of Barletta, Fra Camillo Albertini.  After the death of Prior Albertini this house and its dependencies were passed on to the Treasury.  Grand Master Raymond Perellos Roccaful procured hold of the premises from the Treasury and with great regard, donated the palace to his nephews the Marquis de Dosaguas, Don Gennaro Perellos and the Count d’Albatera, Don Guglielmo Roccaful, Grandee of Spain, on condition that the Treasury was to allow the Knights, who were descendants of the Marquis de Dosaguas and of the Count d’Albatera, to enjoy the use of the premises while in the service of the Order in Malta.

For the first 71 years of its foundation the Society had no permanent residence to carry out its activities and had to move from one place to another, Palazzo Xara being one temporary seat.  In 1923 Joseph Howard, then Prime Minister, offered the use of Palazzo de La Salle to the Malta Society of Arts and to other three organisations. Incidentally Joseph Howard was the President of the MSA from 1917 to 1921 when he had to resign as he decided to serve his country as a politician.

20170503 - MSA Students Exhibition Event Posters A3 Project Participants v2 - OUT RGB72 Online2

Participants (text version)

Josephine Hili

Josephine studied art at secondary school where she successfully obtained an O ‘level in art.  At a later age, she started art lessons at the Malta Society of Arts under the guidance of Mr. Matthew Cassar.

She has recently started attending an art workshop at the same Society with nine other colleagues, all having a passion for art.

Since then, she has taken part in a few collective exhibitions mainly with the Pastel Society and the MSA.

This exhibition is a way of showing her love for the Palazzo through her art.

Maria Cauchi

Ever since she can remember Maria’s greatest passion was art and creativity. But it was in her adulthood that she gave it her full focus. In 1997 Maria started to take her two children for art lessons at the Malta Society of Arts. She and her sister were the first two adult students of Mr Matthew Cassar.

A nurse by profession, she has managed to keep a weekly commitment ever since. She took part in various collective exhibitions at the Malta Society of Arts. She researched and explored different media and techniques, her favourite media being water colour, acrylic and pen and ink as well as experimenting with textures and collage.

Maria ‘s interest in this exhibition is the Palazzo’s architecture which has always fascinated and inspired her.

Yvette Carabott

A dentist by profession, Yvette discovered art later in life and attended art classes at the Malta Society of Arts, under the guidance of Mr Matthew Cassar.

She has a fascination for colour, texture and light and enjoys exploring different media especially water colour. Her enthusiasm for art has been an inspiration to her daughters who also enjoy painting.  She has taken part in collective exhibitions.

Yvette is presently attending a weekly workshop at the MSA where, with her colleagues, she is participating in this exhibition with depictions of this beautiful Palazzo.

 Marita Fenech

Marita studied art during her scholastic years under the guidance of artist Harry Alden and has obtained her O’ level in art.

A few years later she started attending art classes again at the Malta Society of Arts under the guidance of Mr. Matthew Cassar.

Marita enjoys using various media. Painting gives her a feeling of peace and relaxation. She attends an art workshop with a group of ladies weekly at the MSA.

She has taken part in various collective exhibitions in Malta and now exhibiting her work together with the group attending the weekly workshop.

Joanna Azzopardi

Joanne started taking art lessons late in life at the Malta Society of Arts, under the guidance of Matthew Cassar. She also attends classes by artist Winston Hassall and is also a member of the Pastel Society.

Her passion is using different media. She has taken part in various exhibitions organised for students attending the Malta Society of Arts

At the moment, she attends weekly workshops at the Society with fellow artists. This exhibition is her way of appreciating the beauty of the Palazzo through art.

Fabiola Agius Anastasi 

Fabiola Agius Anastasi, is a graduate in both Engineering and Art and Design. She is currently a contemporary painter and ceramicist with a passion for artistic experimentation, exploration as well as teaching.

Since her early childhood interest in art, she had achieved international painting awards. Fabiola has exhibited her artistic pieces in a number of exhibitions throughout her life. She considers art to be an expression of her interests, moods and outlook on life. Fabiola’s art is often inspired by the natural wonders that surround us, with several pieces being painted outdoors.

The Malta Society of Art is the place where she meets other artists, and enjoys painting in their company.

Loretta Anastasi

Loretta is a retired teacher and has always been interested in art, specialising in art during her College days. Later in life she attended several art classes and Art appreciation courses.

Nowadays she dedicates most of her free time painting and whenever possible tries to enjoy painting outside whilst enjoying the countryside.

Whilst attending the art workshop at the Society of Art, Loretta has been encouraged to take part in this exhibition as this Palazzo has many features and characteristics which can be brought out through visual art.

 Audrey Vella

For Audrey, art is a beautiful way to release emotions, to lose herself in the magnificence of colours and media, to find renewed peace.

A holistic therapy teacher by profession, Audrey started attending art classes at a late age under the tuition of artist Marlene Gouder

Later she began to attend classes at the Malta Society of Arts under the guidance of Mr. Matthew Cassar.  She is currently attending weekly art workshops, with a group of artists with whom she is participating in this exhibition, these workshops also allowing the artists to socialize and share ideas.

Presently Audrey has taken a step forward and is studying History of Art as part of a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Malta

She has exhibited paintings in various collective art exhibitions, however this exhibition is special to her as it reflects the admiration she has for Palazzo De La Salle

Elena Toncheva

Elena is Bulgarian artist based in Malta.

In 1985, she graduated with a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria and worked for a number of years in scientific research.

In France, 2003 she started her artistic journey with oils.

Moving to Malta in 2005 she further developed her skills in drawing and painting under the tuition of Anton Grech, Philip Agius and Matthew Cassar. In 2008, she joined the Society of Arts and participated in all members’ exhibitions organized annually by the Society.

Since 2012, Elena has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions both locally and abroad.

During the month of April 2017, a number of Toncheva’s paintings were shown in a collective exhibition “Nature, Women and Gold’’ at Palazzo De Piro, Mdina, along with other three Bulgarian artists.

Elena Toncheva paints landscapes, seascapes and countryside scenes, still lives, abstracts using different painting techniques and palette knife.  The preferable media for her paintings are mostly oils, acrylics, and mixed media on canvas or wood.

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Newsletter just published!

Click on the link below to read all the latest news about the Malta Society of Arts:

You can subscribe by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button on our website:


Newsletter capture


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Easter period opening dates

Easter Cake Decorations_edited

F’isem il-Malta Society of Arts, il-President tal-MSA jixtieq jawgura l-Għid it-Tajjeb lil kulħadd! L-MSA se tkun magħluqa bejn il-Ħamis 13 t’April u l-Ħadd 16 t’April. Il-Palazzo de La Salle se jerġa’ jkun miftuħ nhar it-Tnejn 17 t’April, iżda l-korsijiet jerġgħu jibdew il-Ħamis 20 t’April.

Awguri wkoll mingħand dawn il-ħlejjaq magħmulin tul waħda mil-lezzjonijiet tal-Cake Decorating!

On behalf of the Malta Society of Arts, MSA President would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! The MSA will be closed between Thursday 13 April and Sunday 16 April. Our Palazzo de La Salle will be open on Monday 17 April, however courses resume on Thursday 20 April.

Happy holidays also from our Easter animals made during the Cake Decorating classes!

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Launch of Summer Courses 2017!

We proudly launch our schedule of Summer Courses starting on the 3 July 2017 and going on until the beginning of September! We offer 30 different courses in the Visual, Applied and Performing Arts. Have a look at the descriptions and details of each course on our Courses page here. You can contact us on or 21244339 / 21244400 for more info. We look forward to seeing you at our Palazzo de La Salle!

20170220 - MSA Summer Courses 2017 A4_RGB72

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