AMuSE official closing events launched!

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Creative Europe project ‘AMuSE’ closing events launched! 

Artistic Multi Sensorial Experience – AMUSE closing events will kick off on Monday 23 September 2019 at 7pm with ‘Peal’, the synchronised church bells ringing performance at Dockyard Creek (Dock No 1), and continue with the interactive concert ‘SensitIV’ by Goldberg Ensemble on Tuesday 24 September at 7pm at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta. The final exhibition of artworks will be launched on Tuesday 24 September and will remain open until 31 October 2019 at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta.

Entrance is free for all events.

More details on the individual events below:

AMuSE Peal Church Bells Ringing Performance:

AMuSE SensitIV Interactive Concert:

AMuSE Final Exhibition: 

The three events will explore artistic multisensorial innovation through an international collaboration between four European partners and their 16 up-and-coming artists.

AMuSE (Artistic Multi Sensorial Experience) is the first Creative Europe project ever to be selected for co-funding by the European Commission led by a Maltese organisation – the Malta Society of Arts (MSA). The project took place over a number of years, starting back in 2017 when the MSA submitted its proposal, laying out the concept of the creative programme. Three years on and, at the end of September 2019, AMuSE will come to a conclusion with three main events – a synchronised church bell ringing performance, an interactive concert, and a final collective exhibition.

The AMuSE final exhibition will consist of a constellation of artistic works that were created during three artist-in-residence programmes that took place over the last two years in the three European partner countries –the Associazione Le Terre dei Savoia (Italy), Hanze University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and Dusetos Cultural Centre (Lithuania). The month-long show will be divided into three sections according to the themes that emerged during the country-specific artist residencies: Organic, Man-Made and Traces. The three themes will now merge into a single exhibition with the underlying themes of the community, and the ideological and cultural contexts that form aspects of the European identity, all under the umbrella theme of multisensoriality.

The other two events forming part of the project’s finale are also inspired by the senses. The first one is ‘Peal’, a synchronised church bell ringing event which will bring together various churches in Cospicua, Senglea and Vittoriosa, as well as the participation of 25 ringers. This performative event, directed by campanologist Kenneth Cauchi, will be a first in the history of Maltese campanology due to its size and nature. The second event is ‘SensitIV’, an interactive concert with a composition by Christopher Muscat, under the direction of Maestro Michael Laus, which will be presented in various spaces around Palazzo de La Salle, the seat of the MSA, by the Goldberg Ensemble. The composition is a multi-sensory work that incorporates an unorthodox combination of performers with live electronics and lighting effects, which will form an integral part of this work.

The events have been directed by AMuSE’s artistic director Roderick Camilleri, who has also been shaping the project from the very beginning: “The artist residencies in the three European countries were designed to give young and emerging artists the opportunity to work and collaborate within a community of fellow artists, and to experiment with new materials related to the senses. This approach is relatively new in the local visual art context and the collaborations between the 16 artists have created new connections and cultural dialogues with partners sharing similar objectives to those at the MSA.”

AMuSE’s project leader and the manager of the MSA, Joe Scerri, is proud that “through AMuSE, the MSA has not only given an opportunity to young local artists to create work, travel and collaborate with their European counterparts, but also a platform to all the participating artists from the partner countries to create work within their local communities, which was an important pillar of the project.”

The artistic work that was produced during the three residencies in Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania will now be woven together in the collective exhibition by the 16 participating artists, namely: Matthew Attard, Keit Bonnici, Aaron Bezzina, Stefan Spiteri, Simone Mangione, Daniele Fabiani, Ivana Volpe, Carmela Cosco, Mark Buitenwerf, Laura Laasik, Vera Woldhek, Vilius Vaitiekunas, Mykolas Sauka, Julius Visakavicius, Kristina Gedziunaite and Roberta Vrubliauskaite.


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Passing of sculptor and ceramist Ganni Bonnici


Sculptor and ceramist Ganni Bonnici (1932-2019)

The MSA is saddened by yet another loss today, that of important sculptor and ceramist Ganni Bonnici (1932-2019).

Ganni Bonnici was awarded the Gold Medal by the MSA in 1990 for his achievements in sculpture. He was also a member of the MSA and formed part of the Committee of the MSA.

In 2012, the MSA organised a retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici to celebrate the 160th Anniversary since its foundation. The poster of this exhibition can be seen below.

Malta’s art scene is poorer with the recent passing of great artists like Ganni Bonnici, Harry Alden and Philip Chircop.


Works by Ganni Bonnici for the retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici – 2012


Works by Ganni Bonnici for the retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici – 2012


Works by Ganni Bonnici for the retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici – 2012


Works by Ganni Bonnici for the retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici – 2012


Poster for the retrospective exhibition by Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici – 2012


The then President of the MSA with Harry Alden and Ganni Bonnici

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Passing of artist Philip Chircop

The MSA is saddened by the passing of artist Philip Chircop. He was a member of the Malta Society of Arts and started to exhibit his work in 1958 when he took part in a collective exhibition at Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta.

Only two weeks ago Philip paid us a visit regarding his proposal to exhibit at Palazzo de La Salle in the near future. This would have been his first solo exhibition in many years. On the same occasion the MSA acquired a copy of the book ‘Philip Chircop - Abstract Expressions’ by Joseph Paul Cassar for which we requested his signature. The MSA will cherish this book in its library.

For more info about Philip Chircop you can visit the website:


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Opening of ‘Perception: postscripts’

On Thursday 1 August 2019 we opened ‘Perception: postscripts’ at Palazzo de La Salle.  The exhibition is part of our project ‘AMuSE’, a Creative Europe project co-financed by the European Commission. The show is curated by Roderick Camilleri and sees the participation of 50 member artists. Here are a few photos from the opening.

Perception Launch (10)


Perception Launch (2) Perception Launch (8) Perception Launch (9)

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Passing of Harry Alden


Harry Alden in front of his work The Cross and the Serpents, oils, 2009, Malta Society of Arts

The MSA is saddened by the passing of Harry Alden, MSA’s Gold Medal Awardee in 2013.

Alden stands out singularly as the person who in the 1960s introduced the hard-edge technique onto the local art scene and through his contribution both as an artist, as well as an art teacher, he made a name for himself within the mainstream of Maltese artists over the past sixty years.

For a longer biography please visit:

For photos of the Gold Medal Ceremony that took place in 2013, please visit:

The MSA would like to express heartfelt condolences to the family.

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Alex Dalli exhibition is now open!

On Thursday 27 June 2019, we opened ‘Preżenza’, an exhibition of old and new works by artist Alex Dalli, curated by Roderick Camilleri. The show will remain open until the 20 July 2019 at the Art Galleries, Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta. Entrance is free.

Opening hours:
Monday and Friday – 8am to 7pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 8am to Noon and 3pm to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1.30pm

Prezenza Launch (4) Prezenza Launch (3) Prezenza Launch (2) Prezenza Launch (1)

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Departures – Pawlu Grech, a life in perspective

Departures Poster JPG

This is happening tomorrow!

The event celebrating the life and works of Pawlu Grech will be held tomorrow 14 June 2019 at 8pm at the Concert Hall of Palazzo de La Salle and also the Courtyard.

The event will consist of a Piano recital by  Ramona Zammit Formosa followed by a talk about the composer’s life and work, a small exhibition and a reception

Ticket bookings:

This concert will explore the shifting creative topology of contemporary Maltese composer and visual artist Pawlu Grech (b. 1938). ‘Departures’ will be the occasion of the world premier of various unpublished and never before heard compositions written in the composer’s formative years. A long-awaited event celebrating Pawlu’s artistic career, ‘Departures’ will trace the lifelong development of an aesthetic which, most prominently in the sphere of musical composition, departs from classical artistic forms.

The project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund.

More info in the following links:


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LCM Theory exams


On Saturday 15 June 2019, the Malta Society of Arts will be hosting the London College of Music Examinations in Theory.

A total of 302 students will be sitting for this Summer 2019 Theory exam session – 280 in the grades and 22 for Diplomas.

For information about LCM exams call us on 21244339 or 21244400.

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Andreana Boldarini’s ‘RED’ is now open!

The public can visit the exhibition on show at the Malta Society of Arts until 20 June 2019. The artworks are exhibited at the Art Galleries of Palazzo de La Salle in the following opening hours:

1 to 14 June - Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. Saturday from 9.30am to 1.30pm
From 15th June - Monday to Friday from 8am to Noon and 3pm to 6pm. Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm.

IMG_2043 IMG_2080IMG_2048 IMG_2074

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LCM Exams with Stuart Corbett ending soon

Stuart Corbett Portrait - edited

LCM examiner Stuart Corbett

The Summer Practical London College of Music (LCM) exams session at the Malta Society of Arts will be coming to an end this Wednesday 22 May 2019. By the end of it, a total of 308 candidates will have sat for different practical Diploma and Grade examinations at the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, 219 Republic Street, Valletta.

The Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce has been representing the London College of Music for the past 75 years.

The LCM examiner for this session was Mr Stuart Corbett, B.A. (Hons), F. DipMus., LTCL, LVCM, ALCM, LLCM, Dip.Ed., FVCM (Hons).

In 1960, Mr Corbett, apart from college-related activities, was involved in playing the piano for Big Bands and Jazz Groups. He furthered his teaching career and became Head of a large Faculty in a 13 – 18 years High School, where he tutored a number of Chamber Groups and Jazz Ensembles.

In the 80’s and 90’s he was a clarinetist and saxophonist with “The West Midland Light Orchestra”, “The Rehearsal Orchestra of London” and with a number of Midland Operatic Companies.

In 1993 Mr Corbett was offered a scholarship to the USA working mainly with High School Students. His activities were based at The International Music Camp (IMC) North Dakota and he was involved in conducting and in a survey of methods instrumental teaching used in the USA.

In 1994 Mr Corbett became a member of the Board of Examiners of the London College of Music. He was also responsible for writing Jazz, Clarinet, Saxophone syllabuses for London College of Music. He is still continuing his own Playing and Music Education in the UK, USA and Ireland.

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