Poster LCM exams alternative assessments with MSA logo

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COVID-19 NOTICE - 22 March 2020

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London College of Music Exams Notice

LCM Covid Notice

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Kondoljanzi lill-kollega Paul Dingli

Doris Dingli Obituary Photo

Il-President, il-Kumitat, il-Manager u l-Istaff tal-MSA jixtiequ jwasslu l-kondoljanzi lill-kollega Paul Dingli għat-telfa tal-maħbuba martu Doris. Agħtiha O Mulej il-mistrieħ ta’ dejjem u ieqaf mal-familjari tagħha, speċjalment żewġha Paul u t-tifel il-Prof. Alexiei Dingli (Ex-Sindku tal-Belt) f’dawn il-mumenti diffiċli.

Fir-ritratt t’hawn fuq jidhru Doris u Paul Dingli.

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MSA’s Annual General Meeting postponed

AGM Cancellation Notice

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Lucio Dubini exhibition is now open!

The exhibition ‘Memories from Mars’ by Italian artist Lucio Dubini opened on Thursday 5 March 2020 at our Art Galleries. Malta-based Lucio Dubini is exhibiting in Malta for the first time and the show consists of large-scale abstract paintings in the acrylics medium. The exhibition will remain open until Wednesday 25 March 2020.

‘Memories from Mars’ is Dubini’s first solo show, presenting the culmination of a long journey of self-discovery and also the materialisation of his childhood dreams of exhibiting his work as an artist.

Memories from Mars by Lucio Dubini (1)

‘Memories from Mars’ features large, colourful and playful acrylic works with ‘more defined shapes than previous works’. This shift in style mainly reflects the changes which the artist went through in his personal life, which in turn led to his works evolving to a different dimension.

Asked to comment about his style, Dubini explains: “I do abstract art because it’s the most natural way for me to materialise my feelings, experiences and images into visual art. Through abstract art I feel unrestricted by rigid aesthetic standards and my feelings are free to fly and to almost touch the universe. For me abstract art is pure expression.

The inspiration comes from what surrounds me. Through my art, I re-elaborate the world that I’m seeing, the experiences that I’m doing and the feelings that I have. Then I transform them into lines, shapes, colours. Each day has something to say to me and my art starts from there. What I like is that each viewer can travel inside my paintings and each time can find new places.”

Memories from Mars by Lucio Dubini (6)

The exhibition is curated by Roderick Camilleri who guided the artist through various discussions and studio visits, to develop new paths related to abstraction. “This process gave birth to this new visual content stimulated by a form of lyrical aesthetics which takes a lot from the simplicity and creative freedom of children. This is one of the dominant features which marks this series of art works. We also decided to call the exhibition Memories from Mars – to tease out spontaneity and playful imagination of this particular exhibition”.

Memories from Mars by Lucio Dubini (2)

Dubini is inspired by such artists as Jean Michel Basquiat, Emilio Vedova, Hans Hartung, Nicolas de Stael and Lucio Fontana and viewers might catch glimpses of these artists in his works. He enjoys feeling and touching his art, so he often paints directly with his hands, but also makes use of other tools such as a rag, a spatula or the more traditional brush. Although he loves to experiment with new materials, his main medium is acrylic paint.

‘Memories from Mars’ by Lucio Dubini can be visited during the Malta Society of Arts’ opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, and Saturdays 9am to 1:30pm. Entrance is free.

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Anna Galea’s STILL STILLS closes at MSA

The highly-successful exhibition by Anna Galea called ‘STILL STILLS’ has now closed after two weeks at the Art Galleries of the Malta Society of Arts. The opening was very well attended and so was the rest of the exhibition run. A large number of paintings have been sold to art-lovers, friends and visitors.

The MSA wishes to thank Anna Galea and everyone who helped in making this exhibition the success that it was. We look forward to seeing Anna’s work exhibited at our Art Galleries again in the future.


AnnaGaleaExpo_LAFeb132020_20A8335 AnnaGaleaExpo_LAFeb132020_20A8368 AnnaGaleaExpo_LAFeb132020_20A8383 AnnaGaleaExpo_LAFeb132020_20A8389 AnnaGaleaExpo_LAFeb132020_20A8726

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MSA-commissioned SensitIV nominated for Premju ghall-Arti


The Malta Society of Arts would like to congratulate Christopher Muscat / Christopher Muscat – composer & conductor for the nomination at the Arts Council Malta‘s Premju Għall-Arti in the Award for Innovation category!

The innovative interactive concert SensitIV was commissioned by the Malta Society of Arts as part of its series of events for Artistic Multi Sensorial Experience – AMUSE, the Creative Europe project which ended last year.

The event was a collaboration between many incredible people and entities:

Christopher Muscat (composer), Maestro Michael Laus (director), the Goldberg Ensemble Malta (consisting of a 16-strong choir), Nadia Debono (viola), Daniel Cauchi (percussion) and Joe Debono (electronic effects).

Also MSA President Adrian Mamo, AMuSE Artistic Director Roderick Camilleri and AMuSE Project Leader Joe Scerri. 

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Temporary closure of Sala dei Cavalieri

Sala Dei Cavalieri (LOW)


Our Sala dei Cavalieri, also referred to as the Grandmasters’ Hall or Knights’ Hall, situated on the first floor of Palazzo de La Salle is currently undergoing conservation works on its decorative wall surfaces. ⚠️

Due to the nature of the works underway, it is regretfully inaccessible to members of the public. Works are due to be completed by the end of 2020, after which the Sala dei Cavalieri will be open for public viewing.

The project is being fully funded by the MSA. Works are being carried out by ReCoop under the supervision of Project Manager Professor Keith Sciberras.

We will be keeping you updated about the conservation’s progress. But first, here’s a little history…

The Sala dei Cavalieri (Grandmasters’ Hall or Knights’ Hall) was added to the palazzo in 1732 by the brothers de La Salle in a space which had previously been an open terrace. Although it has been hinted that the hall was conceived as a chapel, there is no evidence of this, especially since the palazzo also boasts a unique chapel on the same floor. Rather, it was probably only intended as a prestigious secular space commemorating the de La Salle family and its connection with the Knights of the Order of St John. As the most lavish room within the palace, it was probably used for official and special events. The style of its decoration is 18th Century Baroque Manner. The Hall includes a life-size gilded sculpture of St John the Baptist and gilded busts of varied Grandmasters. The oil paintings depicting different Grandmasters are the later work of Domenico Micallef and dated 1926-29. The portrait of Enrico de La Salle is a copy of the original found in St Catherine’s Convent further up in Republic Street.

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