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Easter period opening dates

Easter Cake Decorations_edited

F’isem il-Malta Society of Arts, il-President tal-MSA jixtieq jawgura l-Għid it-Tajjeb lil kulħadd! L-MSA se tkun magħluqa bejn il-Ħamis 13 t’April u l-Ħadd 16 t’April. Il-Palazzo de La Salle se jerġa’ jkun miftuħ nhar it-Tnejn 17 t’April, iżda l-korsijiet jerġgħu jibdew il-Ħamis 20 t’April.

Awguri wkoll mingħand dawn il-ħlejjaq magħmulin tul waħda mil-lezzjonijiet tal-Cake Decorating!

On behalf of the Malta Society of Arts, MSA President would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! The MSA will be closed between Thursday 13 April and Sunday 16 April. Our Palazzo de La Salle will be open on Monday 17 April, however courses resume on Thursday 20 April.

Happy holidays also from our Easter animals made during the Cake Decorating classes!

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Launch of Summer Courses 2017!

We proudly launch our schedule of Summer Courses starting on the 3 July 2017 and going on until the beginning of September! We offer 30 different courses in the Visual, Applied and Performing Arts. Have a look at the descriptions and details of each course on our Courses page here. You can contact us on or 21244339 / 21244400 for more info. We look forward to seeing you at our Palazzo de La Salle!

20170220 - MSA Summer Courses 2017 A4_RGB72

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Elezzjoni ta’ Membri tal-MSA – MSA Members’ Election


Il-Kummissjoni Elettorali tal-MSA rċeviet dawn in-nomini għall-Elezzjoni:-
The MSA’s Electoral Commissionreceived the following nominations  for the Election:- 

Kandidat/Candidate         Nominat minn/Nominated by          Sekondat minn/                                                                                                                                Seconded by

Agius P. Paul                                        Sant’Angelo Stephen                          Scerri Joe
Camilleri Roderick                              Sant’Angelo Stephen                          Scerri Joe
Galea Francis                                        Scerri Joe                                              Vella Rosette
Meli Dorothy                                       Sant’Angelo Stephen                            Scerri Joe
Mifsud Joseph J.                                  Vella Rosette                                        Inguanez Maria

Saviour J. Zammit
Chairman Kummissjoni Elettorali 2017/Chairman Electoral Commission 2017


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Laqgha General Annwali – Annual General Meeting

(English version below)       

Kif diġa notifikat, il-Laqgħa Ġenerali Annwali tal-MSA ser ssir nhar it-Tnejn 27 ta’ Marzu 201fis-6pm ġewwa Palazzo de La Salle, 219 Triq ir-Repubblika, il-Belt.  F’nuqqas ta’ quorum is-Seduta tibda mhux aktar tard minn 15-il minuta mill-ħin avżat (Artiklu Nu 8.5 tal-iStatut).

As already notified, the MSA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 27 March 201at 6pm  at Palazzo de La Salle, 219 Republic Street, Valletta. If a quorum is not reached, the meeting will start not later than 15 minutes from the announced time (Article No 8.5 of the Statute).

                 AĠENDA                                                        AGENDA

 1. Qari ta’ Minuti tal-aħħar Laqgħa Ġenerali                 Reading of Minutes of the last General Meeting

2. Rapport Amministrattiv għas-Sena 2016                   Administrative Report for the Year 2016

3. Rapport Finanzjarju għas-Sena 2016                          Financial Report for the year 2016

4. Emendi għall-iStatut                                                       Amendments for the Statute

5. Elezzjoni ta’ tliet (3) Membri fuq il-Kumitat             Election of three (3) Members on the Committee

6. Ħatra ta’ Awdituri                                                           Appointment of Auditors   


Stephen Sant’Angelo
Segretarju Onorarju / Honorary Secretary


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Clowntifics Interactive Show

Clowntifics FB banner

The combination of science and comedy has never been so exciting, from explosions to fire and rockets, come and witness it all! Clowntifics will use comedy and entertainment to explain the scientific concepts behind everything around us in a new and original way.

Clowntifics, brought to you by the minds behind Science in the City, is an interactive science show where members of the audience get to take part in the experiments themselves whilst learning about science and how it affects our day to day lives.

The Big Van Theory, a group of Spanish scientists who are also trained in theatre, will be performing this comedy show for children on Saturday 11 March between 5-6pm at the Palazzo de La Salle.

This interactive show, for children of ages 4 to 11 combines clowns, comedy and experiments to help kids explore the wonders of science. Entrance is against a donation of €5 per person at the door.

This event is organised by the Science in the City festival team and the Malta Chamber of Scientists. Supported by the Valletta 2018 foundation and Get Your Act Together. 

To register your interest, avoid disappointment and save time on the day please contact

Come join the Big Van as we delve into the secrets of the universe!

Date: Saturday 11 March, 5-6pm

Place: Palazzo de La Salle, Malta Society of Arts, 219 Republic Street, Valletta

For more info

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Littlebot Film Labs at MSA

Starting from the 7 March and for three weeks, the MSA will be hosting a series of fun hands-on workshops that aim to educate eleven to fifteen-year olds on how to make a film on their phone in a total of sixteen hours.

The project seeks to educate and inspire Malta’s youth on the art of film making through screenwriting, sound, filming and editing. It comprises a series of four hands-on workshops in which participants will be producing their own film from scratch, using nothing but a smartphone and open-source software.

They’ll be taken through the creative process step by step, starting with the basics of storytelling from screenwriter Cassi Camilleri, capturing and effectively using sound with sound designer and musician Yasmin Kuymizakis, as well as getting to grips with directing and editing with director Keith Tedesco and editor Franny Schembri.

With the support of Arts Council Malta and Creative Europe Desk Malta, the films produced at the Littlebot Film Labs will be shown at the EFA’s Young Audience Film Awards.

The workshops are scheduled as follows:

Screenwriting: 7th, 8th, 9th March from 4pm till 8pm
Sound: 14th, 15th, 16th March from 4pm till 8pm
Filming: 21st, 22nd, 23rd March from 4pm till 8pm
Editing: 28th, 29th, 30th March from 4pm till 8pm

All workshops will be held at the Malta Society of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle, 219 Republic Street in Valletta. Click here for more information. 

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MSA’s Annual General Meeting 2017








Election of 3 Members during AGM 

During the Malta Society of Arts’ Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday 27 March 2017 at 6pm, there will be an election of three (3) Members for the Committee of the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for the period 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2020.

Nominations are to be made on the prescribed form and they will be received by not later than noon of Tuesday 28 February 2017.

For more details, please see the Notification that was sent to the Members.


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Update on works at Palazzo de La Salle


For a few months now, we have been working intensely on upgrading the seat of the Malta Society of Arts – the magnificent 18th century Palazzo de La Salle. Works include the following:

  • The Chapel is undergoing conservation works
  • The Sala dei Cavalieri will also be undergoing conservation works soon
  • Four Halls situated on the Upper Floor are being refurbished to be used as gallery/exhibition spaces, among other things
  • Another hall is being transformed into a fully-equipped space for performances, including concerts, theatre, events and much more


These changes that are being implemented mostly to the first floor of the Palazzo include infrastructural changes – entrances and exits are being modified to accommodate the modern needs of the Malta Society of Arts, and some of the spaces will be larger, thanks to intelligent use of space.


Works will continue throughout the coming months. We are very excited to be working on such a huge but greatly satisfying project for our Society that will provide more modern and adequate spaces for the MSA’s activities and those of the growing artistic and cultural community around us.

We will keep you updated with more developments in the coming months.

IMG_0161 IMG_0157 IMG_0089

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‘The Boats of Malta’ Talk by Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar


Recently, FAA told you about the study about Malta’s boats by Desmond Morris, the world famous anthropologist. This week, they are going to think about the people in those boats. Fiona Vella is the author of Disappearing Malta, a book on culture, crafts and traditional ways of life. She will be joining the talk on the 9th of February, for what was already an incredible talk, to present some of the stories of fishermen from her book.

The questions about Malta’s traditional boats remain, and will be answered in the first half of the talk about the study by Desmond Morris. Did you know that the colours on Malta’s traditional boats are associated with different harbours? Or that the death of a member of a fishing family is marked on their boat?

All these facts and much more will be revealed in Professor Aquilina’s talk for Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar. This special talk comes thanks to the research of world-famous anthropologist Desmond Morris, who lived in Malta for six years in the 70s. 

This long-hidden study has finally been published after being lost for decades. Come along and enjoy learning the fascinating stories behind some of Malta’s most iconic cultural icons.

The talk will be held on Thursday 9th February at the Palazzo de la Salle with an entrance fee of 5 euros.

FAA is teaming up with Faraxa Publishing to bring this study to light. FAA and Faraxa Publishing carried out an interview on TVM to discuss the study which you can watch here.

Book your tickets here: On our ticket engine

Visit our website for more information using this link.

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