Silver Filigree Course

Short Desc: Starting 05 July 2021
Ref Code: ASM09
Tutor: Kevin Attard
No of Hours: 22.5hrs
Progression: Yes
Fee: Euro 74

AWE63: Tuesday: 17.30 - 20.00 - Starting 05 July 2021


Download: Application Form

The course is designed for students who intend to further their studies in new techniques in filigree making and is oriented towards contemporary filigree jewellery

Learning outcomes:
Develop basic filigree making techniques;
Understand the use of the basic tools involved;
Develop skills in making: Genwiza; Matta and Nuccalijiet motif fillers;
Learn other basic techniques in filigree frame-making; filling-in of the frame with motifs; soldering of filigree jewellery; cleaning and polishing process;
Acquire a basic understanding of the versatility of filigree making and visit various filigree outlets;
The making of a silver filigree pendant from start to finish.