Lace Making

Short Desc: Starting 04/05 July 2018
Ref Code: ASM13 / ASM02
Tutor: Carmen Ellul / Madlene Muscat
No of Hours: 22.5
Progression: Yes
Fee: 45 Euro

ASM02 -Wednesday: 8:30am -11:00am - Carmen Ellul (Starting Date : 04/07/2018) -Fully Booked
ASM13 - Thursday: 8.30am - 11.00am - Madlene Muscat (starting Date : 03/07/2018) 

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Synopsis of Course:
The course is designed to offer an introduction to the craft of lace-making. It provides students with elementary skills to produce lace. It will also include practical exercises to help students improve their competences and skills.

Aims and Objectives:
Acquire an understanding of the fabric of lace
Learn to use materials and tools
Develop elementary skills to create and produce lace