Hand Embroidery

Short Desc: Starting 06 July 2018
Ref Code: ASM11
Tutor: Maria Dolores Cachia
No of Hours: 22.5 hrs
Progression: Yes
Fee: Euro45

ASM11 Friday: 8.30-11.00 - Maria Dolores Cachia (Starting Date; 06/07/2018)

Download: Application Form

Synopsis of course:
This course is designed as an introduction to the craft of embroidery and different stitches. It offers an elementary outline to basic procedures and techniques of embroidery. It also equips the student with elementary instructional sessions focusing on tools and purpose of use, producing creative embroidered items, and handling of work.

Hand Embroidery consists of  :

  • Free style embroidery
  • Cutwork Embroidery
  • Hardanger Embroidery
  • Drawn Thread Embroidery
  • Swiss Embroidery
  • Canvas Embroidery
  • Cross Stitch
  • Hansa Embroidery
  • Patchwork (Marisa Grech on Thursday-Ref Code: ASM12)
  • Romanian Lace

 Aims & Objectives:
Understand the quality of fabric
Transfer and tracing designs
Appreciate embroidery work and its underlying technique
Understand basic tools such as threads and needles used
Produce one’s own work