Short Desc: n/a
Ref Code: 112
Tutor: not to be held in Feb 2018- May 2018
No of Hours: 6
Level: Grade 1 - 5
Progression: Yes
Fee: 60

not to be held in Feb 2018- May 2018

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Synopsis of course:

This course aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of flute playing and musicianship. Its focuses on aspects of technique such as posture, breathing, support and embouchure, securing a strong basis for progression to technical studies and work in the flute repertoire. The course also introduce to principles of musicianship and performance. The material and structure of the course will be tailored to suit the individual’s age, level of playing and personal musical aims.

Aims & Objectives:

The course aims to:
Provide the students with basic musical awareness and knowledge
Impart basic theoretical understanding
Provide a strong foundation of flute technique
Introduce the students to the fundamental repertoire at the appropriate level
Encourage regular practice and enjoyment of the flute – playing.