Art for Juniors (6-10 years)

Short Desc: Starting 15/19 January 2019
Ref Code: VWE19/VWM07
Tutor: Kamy Aquilina /Ceren Piazza
No of Hours: 30
Progression: Yes
Fee: Euro45

VWE19 - Tuesday: 17.00 - 19.30 - Ceren Paizza(Starting 15/01/2019)
VWM07- Saturday: 08.30 - 11.00 - Kamy Aquilina (Starting 19/01/2019)

Download: Application Form

Synopsis of Course:
The course is designed for young students who are interested in developing a basic understanding on how to draw, paint and create visual expression in a creative and interpretative way. It provides hands-on practice with choices of exercises at the end of each session. This course will give students an excellent grounding and will guide them in a proper and constructive way on how to express themselves.

Aims & Objectives:
Develop artistic sensibilities
Understand basic visual and creative elements
Acquire skills in drawing and painting
Learn basic techniques in various media