AMuSE Partners

1) Leading Partner: The Malta Society of Arts (Malta)

As the nation’s oldest institution for the promotion of the arts and crafts, the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) is considered by many to be an educational and cultural catalyst on the Island. Its 164-year history, in fact, is intertwined with that of many great Maltese and Gozitan artists who were sponsored through exhibitions or grants to further their artistic studies both locally and abroad. Throughout the years, its work has been given the official recognition and patronage of governors, presidents and archbishops of Malta.

2) Le Terre dei Savoia (Italy)

Le Terre dei Savoia is an NGO which originated in 2004. It includes over 40 municipalities in Piedmont, in an area crowded with cultural and historical sites such as castles, royal palaces, parks and gardens. Its main office is the historic palace of Racconigi. The main goal of the organisation is to promote social, cultural and artistic development and research. In 2005, TdS developed a brand Bottega Reale, bringing together several local producers dealing with aromatic herbs, medical plants, perfumed products and natural cosmetics. In 2015 the organisation launched MUSES Academy at Palazzo Taffini in Savigliano. It is a laboratory dedicated to the synthesis of applied arts with particular fields such as scents, perfumes, herbs and their role with sensoriality. MUSES is open to high-level training paths to artistic and cultural events. TdS is also collaborating with A.TITOLO (Turin) another NGO led by curators and art historians. The project focuses on multisensorial art, adopting an interdisciplinary dialogue between urban planning and visual arts.

3) Dusetos Cultural Center (Lithuania)

Dusetos Cultural Center is a hub for cultural events, classical and popular musicals, concerts, art performances and happenings. The cultural centre organises exhibitions, symposia and publications. DCC is one of the four respective partners forming the AMuSE project. see

Associate Partners: The Valletta 2018 Foundation and Easy School of Languages (Malta)