AMuSE Mobility

General Terms & Conditions


The application for residency is open to all artists working in the field of visual arts, with no distinction made based on gender, religion or nationality.

The eligible applicants should be between 18-30 years.

The applications which do not fulfil all requirements will not qualify for the selection process.

The jury is allowed to, at any time, call any applicant in for an interview to further garner an understanding of his/her experience and/or intent.

The best candidates will be short listed and interviewed.

Interviews do not guarantee a position, nor do they suggest that other applicants won’t be accepted to partake in the residency.

The jury’s decision is final.


Artist in Residence

The artists will be awarded a 1 month residency in one of the three countries listed in the call.

The selected artists will be provided with an artist grant of 1000 euro.

The residencies/mobilities will take placein:

  • Italy (Spring 2018),
  • Netherlands (Winter 2018),
  • Lithuania (Spring 2019)

The award will cover all the costs of the travel to and from the residency, material used/resources and lodging.

The selected artists will beobliged to keep constant correspondence with the artistic director before, during and after the residency.

The selected artists are expected to work on their specific project for one month, on a full time basis (during the residency) and to be partially engaged after the end of the residency until the end of the research project in 2019.

The artists are bound to exhibit a selection of their work produced during the residency atthe end of their mobility and at the end of the whole research project in an exhibitionwhich will be hosted in Valletta in June 2019.

The selected artists also accept to exhibit their work in all the above-mentioned exhibitions.

The selection of the artworks, as well as the showcasing and design of the exhibitions, will be at the discretion of the artistic director/selection board.


Other Artist Obligations

The selected artists are requested to document their work and progress both during and after the residency.

The artists are expected to respect the deadlines and goals of the project as established by the director and hosting partners.

The artists are required to participate in activities and initiatives which form part of the project. The activities will be pre-discussed and the artists shall be notified in advance.

Every artist must undertake a specific project related to multi-sensorial art/creative research as directed by the artistic director.

During the residency, guests cannot be hosted unless there has been prior arrangement from the residency administration.

During the residency, the artists are expected to collaborate and work with other fellow artists.


Dietary/Health Requirements

Any special requirements that artists might have should be attached with the application formin order to ensure safety and to saveguard the participants’ special needs.

The selected artists are also expected to disclose any conditions such as disabilities or health conditions prior to the engagement and mobility.


Hosting partners are bound to:

(i) Meet all overhead and institutional costs related to the project;

(ii) Provide suitable space and facilities in which the artist will work;

(iii) Ensure that the staff at the institution or hosting residency are aware of the forthcoming residency and its aims, and to devote best efforts to ensure collaboration.


Termination of the award

The Partners reserve the right toterminate the award if circumstances warrant it.

The artists who neglect their role or in any other way contravene the aims, terms and/or expectations of the project will be subject to having their grant and residency dismissed or terminated. In such circumstances, the project grant will be curtailed pro rata.