The Malta Society of Arts is Malta’s oldest institution in promotion of arts and crafts.  In its 163 years of activity, the society has sponsored many Maltese artists through exhibitions and by furthering their artistic studies both locally and abroad. … Continue reading

Mr Richard Lambert – examiner for the LCM Winter 2015 Practical Exams

Richard LambertRichard Lambert, an experienced composer, organist, conductor and also Senior Examiner and Moderator for the London College of Music at the University of West London, will be the examiner for this Winter practical exam session to be held at the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, where he will be examining a total of 332 candidates.

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NOTTE BIANCA at Palazzo de La Salle – An Expression of Art

Notte BiancaPalazzo de La Salle will be open for the public between 19:00hrs and 23:30hrs on the Saturday 3rd October 2015 during this year’s edition of the Notte Bianca.
A number of events will be organised during the evening.

19:00hrs – 23:30hrs – Artists at work: Members of the MSA, Alexander Telin, Benny Brimmer, Marie Doreau, Joseph Spiteri Stains, Audrey Falzon and Joanne Azzopardi will be working in their preferred medium, answering visitor’s questions over a glass of wine. Calligrapher Catherine Ann Sinclair Galea will be doing a demonstration.

19:00hrs – 23:00hrs – MSA’s Members’ Annual Art Exhibition: 65 artists, members of the MSA, will be exhibiting their work.

19:00hrs – 21:15hrs – The Big Bossa
22:15hrs – 24:00hrs
The Big Bossa Trio, composed of sax, guitar and double bass will be performing bossnova, jazz standards, blues and evergreens during the evening inside/outside Palazzo de La Salle.

0:30hrs - Talk by Marika Azzopardi:

Marika AzzopardiMarika Azzopardi will be conducting a Talk on the 19th Century Maltese Filigree and Jewellery in Malta. 



19:00hrs – 23:30hrs – Traditional Crafts Exhibition / Demonstration:
Kevin Attard and Carmen Ellul, tutors of the MSA in Filigree and Malta Lace, will be giving a demonstration and exhibiting their work.

21:20hrs – Piano Recital
Elaine Mercieca


Elaine Mercieca will be performing in a solo piano recital at the Paul Asciak Hall.|

Entrance is free of charge.

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Open discussion at the MSA

the artist & public art institutions

The Artist 4The Artist 3The Artist 2The Artist




The Artist 6The Artist 7





The Artist 5

The MSA organised an open discussion regarding the artist and public art institutions. The well-attended event was held at the courtyard of Palazzo de La Salle on Friday, July 31. Mr Joe Philippe Abela, Roderick Camilleri and Matyou Galea hosted the discussion.

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Restoration of MSA’s sculpture

 The MSA initiated a programme of restoration of it’s damaged art (sculpture). Restorer Tony Calleja will be restoring Censu Apap’s “Giuseppe Cali” and Giovanni Spiteri Sacco’s “Movement”, “Alegori” and “Male Nude”.

Restoration 16Restoration 14Restoratio 13Restoration 12Restoration 10Restoration 9Restoration 8Restoration 7Restoration 6Restoration 5Restoration 3RestorationRestoration 2Restoration 1

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Malta Lace documentary by Nippon Television

Nippon 1A troupe from the Nippon Television was at the Malta Society of Arts on Friday 17th July 2015 for a filming session related to a documentary for TV programme “Another Sky”. The documentary was about actress Shibasaki Ko who came to Malta 10 years ago when she was struggling as a young actress and did a homestay. During her visit at the Malta Society of Arts, Miss Shibasaki had a Malta Lace lesson with the MSA’s subject tutor Ms Carmen Ellul. During the day the troupe visited various classrooms where courses were being held.

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Imagine, Create, Participate

Winter courses in Visual, Applied and Performing Arts

Arts for Learning
With the Summer courses in course, the
Malta Society of Arts (MSA) announces its winter 2015/16 programme of arts courses.
Once again the MATSEC certification courses in Visual Art leading to ‘O’ Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level certification will be on the time-table. The Art Sec ‘O’ Level course is delivered over 96 contact hours between October and May. Intermediate and Advanced Level courses in Fine Arts are also offered in 3 subject areas: History of Arts (96 contact hours), Human Figure-Nude (48 contact hours), Creative Process and Working from Observation ( 48 contact hours). Time-table includes also a Preparatory Art course (30 contact hours) for Art Sec ‘O’ Level.
The MSA is introducing an Accordian course from October.

Course descriptions, time-table, and booking form may be downloaded from the download section of this site.

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Summer art courses at the MSA

Clay 1ClayArt 2Art 3Drama 1DramaCake 1CakeArt 4Art 6Lace 1LaceEmbroidery 2Violin 2Violin

Art 1ArtTailoring 1TailoringGanutellKnittingEmbroidery 1Woodcarving 2Woodcarving 1Woodcarving

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the artist & public art institutions

The Artist & Public ArtThe Malta Society of Arts is holding another open discussion at it’s premises, Palazzo de La Salle, Republic Street, Valletta, this evening at 19:00hrs.
The theme of the discussion is “the artist & public art institutions”, hosted by Joe Philippe Abela, Roderick Camilleri and Matyou Galea.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate. Entrance is free.

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MSA’s Member’s Annual Art Exhibition 2015

MSA posterMembers of the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) are being invited to submit their works to be shown at the Members’ Annual Art Exhibition 2015, to be held from 1 to 23 October at Palazzo de La Salle, Republic Street, Valletta.

The Members’ Annual Art Exhibition 2015 could be compared to a ‘family incontro’. This is an opportunity for our faithful and committed artist members to display recent, innovative works that have not been shown anywhere before.

Art works can be executed in any medium, in 2D or 3D, and may be in any hanging or free standing genres, such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography or other. There are no restrictions on the choice of subject and/or expression.

All 2D works must be labelled in block letters with: a) the full name; b) the title, c) the medium and d) the selling price; and be ready mounted and/or framed for hanging with D-rings and cord/wire. Clip frames are not accepted. Hanging works may not be larger than 100 cm x 75 cm.

All 3D works must be labelled on their base in block letters with: a) the full name; b) the title, c) the medium and d) the selling price. 3D entrants are to provide their own stand and/or plinth.

Entrants have until 31 July to submit their application form, along with a €15 submission fee (reimbursed if the work is not chosen for the exhibition). Digital images of the works they wish to enter will be needed for the catalogue. These must be not less than 500Kb in JPEG or PDF format, with views from at least three different angles for 3D entries, and sent by e-mail to the address below. Alternative arrangements may be discussed for those entrants unable to send image/s via email.

Interested MSA members are kindly asked to read the Members’ Annual Art Exhibition 2015 Terms and Conditions.

Official correspondence related to the Members’ Annual Art Exhibition 2015 must be addressed to the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, 219 Republic Street, Valletta, tel: 21244339, e-mail: msaexhibitions@gmail.com.

Submission Form and Terms and Conditions may be downloaded from here.

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Summer office opening hours at the MSA

From the 16th June till the 30th September 2015 the office opening hours at the Malta Society of Arts are the following:
Monday: 07:30hrs to 12:30hrs
Monday: 07:30hrs to 19:00hrs (from 6th July)
Tuesday to Friday: 07.30hrs to 12.30hrs

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